Lisa's Rapid Edge

Professional Scissor Sharpening - Austin, Texas (512) 554-1405


Lisa's Rapid Edge at the Armstrong-McCall Show.


Extreme sharpening using
the Rapid Edge System

 Serving Austin and the surrounding areas.

  • Call anytime for an appointment.
    Lisa's Rapid Edge (512) 554-1405
  • Please provide your name, business name, and phone number.

  • I will contact you to schedule an appointment in a very timely manner.

  • At Lisa's Rapid Edge CUSTOMER SERVICE is my number one priority!

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about my sharpening service please feel free to contact me:

    phone: (512) 554-1405 or

  • Sharpening is done in my van at your salon.
    Payment options: cash, check, credit or debit.

I also sell shears, combs, clips, capes, and aprons.

I am a Certified Sharpener for SHARK FIN SHEARS